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(1) Definitions


  • means any person or business contracted by you to carry Goods from us to you, whether all or part of the distance.


  • means any goods we offer for sale.

Written Material

  • means any informational material published by us in any medium with a view of providing information to our customers or prospective customers.

Us/ We/ Our

  • refers, in any form, to GT Appliances or any beneficiary which may be nominated by GT Appliances.

Customer/ You

  • includes prospective, current and future members of the public who seek/have sought to conclude business with GT Appliances, irrespective of whether or not such member of public has read these terms.


(2) Our Contract With You

  • (2.1)- This contract is made when we have received confirmation of order from you, in writing, payment or intent.
  • (2.2)- It is possible that the actual prices of our merchandise may have increased from the time that they were initially published in our Written Material, price tags, official social media pages or official website.
  • (2.3)- All descriptions, weights and sizes of Goods are those of the original manufacturers’ and you may not rely on their accuracy. Accordingly, any such description shall not form part of this agreement.
  • (2.4)- If we do not have the Goods you order in stock, we will offer you alternatives.

    a. Accept the alternatives we offer

    b. Cancel your order

    c. Leave the order valid but instruct us to omit the out-of- stock item.

    d. If there are any funds owing to you by us (for this or any other reason), we will credit your account as soon as reasonably practicable but, in any event, no later than 14 days from the date on which your order was received.

  • (2.5)- You may not rely on our expertise in regards to any information by us relating to our goods. We are not experts and do not receive any formal training from the manufacturer.
  • (2.6)- Goods are at your own risk from the moment they are picked up by the carrier from our warehouse.
  • (2.7)- We do not accept return of any goods once they have been purchased by you.
  • (2.8)- It is your duty to inspect goods thoroughly before purchase. Goods are sold “as is” and the sale cannot be cancelled due to any cosmetic or functional defect that was overlooked by you. Once you have made payment to us it is presumed that you have accepted the cosmetic and functional condition of the item/s you have paid for.
  • (2.9)- In any event you may not cancel your purchase once payment has been made.
  • (2.10)- The products we sell are for domestic purposes. These products, as per the manufacturers, are not for commercial purposes
  • (2.11)- It is the duty of you, the customer, to make sure of the space for, dimension and specification of the item before making payment
  • (2.12)- You cannot rely on GT Appliance staff or management for information given to you regarding the item you purchase from us, as we are not experts and did not receive any prior training from manufacturer or supplier


(3) Payment Terms

STRICTLY NO CASH IN OUR PREMISES - The only accepted forms of payment are DEBIT/CREDIT CARD AND ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER. We do not provide any credit facilities, NO LAY-BUY. The sale agreement is only concluded upon receipt of full payment by us from the customer.

  • (3.1)- Ownership of goods passes over to the customer as soon as full payment is received by us. All responsibility of ownership is also handed over to the customer at the time of payment. We do not insure or take any responsibility for your goods once full payment has been made by you.
  • (3.2)- Goods are only released to the customer once full payment has been received by us. It remains within our discretion to deem payment as having been received in full.
  • (3.3)- Banking charges by the receiving bank on payments to us will be borne by us. All other charges relating to payment will be borne by the customer.
  • (3.4)- The customer is liable to pay all sums due to us under these terms through the specified means without any set-off, deduction or counterclaim.
  • (3.5)- Customers who pay by EFT must wait for confirmation from GT APPLIANCES before proceeding to come collect their goods.
  • (3.6)- Get our banking details and reference number before you make payment.
  • (3.7)Send proof of payment to or send via WhatsApp 062 657 2345. Goods will only be released after funds have reflected in our account.

(4) Warranty

Our warranty terms are stipulated on the invoice and are also provided upon request. All warranties and guarantees are carried by the manufacturers, unless if expressly provided otherwise by GT APPLIANCE.

      • (4.1)- If any goods are found to be operating defectively, and not working under normal operating parameters and allowances within the warranty period, you must refer your complaint to GT APPLIANCES. GT appliances may, but is not obliged to, provide you with assistance in this regard upon reasonable request.
      • (4.2)- We are under no obligation to collect or recover goods from you.
      • (4.3)- GT APPLIANCE provides the following in-store/ walk-in warranty:
      • - 3 Months / 12 Months  
      • (4.4)- Any goods found to be operationally defective and not working under operational parameters and allowance within the warranty period, will be repaired or replaced.
      • (4.5)- If goods are found to be operationally defective, we undertake to repair or replace your item within 21 days of written notification from you via confirmed email to
      • (4.6)- If you decide to cancel your purchase other than operational defect, you will be charged 25% cancellation fee on the condition that the item is not used and in its packaging all accessories in their original condition:
        - Securely wrapped
        - With original invoice
        - At your own risk and cost
        - Refund will only be done at the discretion of the manager

(5)Delivery Terms

    • (5.1)- We do not provide delivery services.
    • (5.2)- We may recommend a carrier or transport service. However, we take no responsibility for goods once they are collected by the carrier we recommended.
    • (5.3)- Payment for delivery service is arranged and made by you.
    • (5.4)- You are strongly encouraged to arrange your own transport/delivery.
    • (5.5)- No goods will be released to carrier without customer invoice.
    • (5.6)- All goods must be transported in an upright position.
    • (5.7)- Improper loading of goods will void your warranty.

(6) Disclaimer

  • (6.1)- We reserve the right to change or alter our written material or to any of the goods, at any time and without advanced notice.
  • (6.2)- You are deemed to be aware of the fact that written material may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. The only meaning to be derived from any written material is that which was intended by us.
  • (6.3)- All our goods are regarded as B/C grade goods and are only applicable to our stores. B/C grade goods are goods that may be regarded as one or all of the following:
    • Goods that have been used for display purposes in retail stores or showrooms
    • Goods that have been used for demonstration purposes
    • Goods that have been damaged due to handling, transportation, display or demonstration purposes
    • Goods returned by customers or factory seconds that have been repaired and are now deemed to be working as normal
  • (6.4)- We give no warranty and make no representation, express or implied as to:
    • The adequacy or appropriateness of the goods and the services for your purpose
    • The truth of any information given in our written material
    • Any implied warranty or condition as to merchantability or fitness of the goods for a particular purpose
    • Compliance with any law
    • Non-infringement of any right
  • (6.5)- We are not liable in any circumstances for special, indirect or consequential loss or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, loss of data or loss of revenues or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or otherwise, arising out of or in connection with your use of our website or the purchase of goods
  • (6.6)- Any claim against us or our liability is limited to the value of the goods you have purchased in the contract which is the subject of dispute
  • (6.6)- Any goods paid for by you must be collected from our premises within the period stipulated by us. Should you fail to collect the goods within the stipulated period, we may charge you storage fees which will ultimately result in your goods only being released to you upon full payment of such storage fees
  • (6.7)- GT Appliances reserves the right to cancel any agreement for any reason deemed reasonable by us and in doing so we may charge a cancellation fee for any reasonable expenses which we may have incurred in contracting with you
  • (6.8)- We further reserve the right to deny any member of public entrance into our establishment for reasons deemed reasonable by us (such reasons will not be as a result of unfair discrimination against such member of public).